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Lovely shots

Hi everyone! Thank you, Nimuue, for setting up this place. it's nice to see lots of live action and so many of your lovely playmates. You all look absolutely delicious. I really loved the backlash caning videos , and Rosie's especially. In the "Testing Rosie" video, I think the camera team got some lovely angles, but we did not see them on the stills. Both you and Rosie would look really nice in push up bras that accentuate your cleavage.- and it's always nice to see you both full frontal and unmarked before thing get started. I loved the way that Rosie squealed and giggled her way through the Backlash caning - the banter that goes on between you and all your friends is lovely to watch. apart from the way that a female bottom wobbles and jiggles under impact, I just like the idea of looking at all these lovely naked ladies - and if a scene goes from just ' knickers down" to the model concerned going totally naked, with lots of full length shots of her completely undressed , I love it. I'm not really into the needles and clamps myself, and the extreme torture - but I do like to see lovely naked ladies get their lovely bottoms well smacked. Mind you , that brings me to my final point. It's very naughty of me to peeking in on this and I have often fantasised about being spanked myself, or being taken in hand by you and your playmates. Watching you, Rosie and Adele spanking each other make me wonder if any of you would like to spank and humiliate a man. That might be a good idea for another photoshoot, if any one is willing :) My thanks again for all the lovely videos and stills.

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