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    Hair and There

    It shouldn’t really be a surprise to me, that having my head shaved would mark the start of some significant changes in my life. I came to realise a lot about myself in the lead up to the event, and even more since then. And to a certain extent, I’m still growing and changing, and realising even more about myself.

    I’ve already written in detail about why I wanted to have my head shaved, about how much I was identified with my hair, and how much I was identified by it as well. People took a look at me, and thought they knew what to expect. Since I chopped of those long, red curls, people started looking at me differently, and maybe realising that their previous first impressions were wrong.

    But that’s not what I want to talk about right now.

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    The Top Who Wasn't

    The following is a guest post that I feel honoured to share, but before I do I want to try and explain what this post means to me. You see, it’s a beautiful blog post written for me by The Chap, about a particularly special night we spent together over the holidays. It talks about some amazing, boundary pushing sex we had, and how he felt about it, during and after. And I am feeling a little shy about sharing it.

    I’ve talked a lot on this blog about all the kinky fun I’ve got up to. I’ve talked less about the sex I have, especially recently. This is mainly because the people I’ve been having sex with haven’t wanted me to blog about it, and I totally respect that. But it’s become habit now, and it’s a habit I want to break out of.

    Sex is a big part of my life and my relationships, and I’ve always wanted to share everything I get up to on here, and in my site, so to kick it off, here is the most explicit account of my sex life I’ve published so far!

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    Happy Things

    It's been a while since I last posted her, mainly because the only times I really feel like blogging are times when I'm stresseed or annoyed, and I figure that people don't really want to read that!

    So in the interests of getting myself blogging again, I thought I'd start with a list of things I have to be happy about!

    • I have a lovely house, in a great location, which has given R and I the space to have a couple of wonderful parties over the past months.
    • My little brother has just married a wonderful woman, who I am delighted to welcome into the family.
    • I have my wonderful R, and though it's less than ideal that she works nights, it means that when I take a break from my desk, I can peek my head into the bedroom, and see her curled up, sleeping with my cats.  This makes me feel very warm and fuzzy inside!
    • I have my gorgeous cat, who sleeps on my chest every night
    • I have recently met a wonderful Chap, who I am very much enjoying spending time with and getting to know better (I will be blogging more about him soon, I hope!!)
    • It's winter, which means lots of excuses to drink mulled wine and mulled cider.
    • I have lovely friends who support me and don't judge me.
    • I finally have regular physiotherapy to sort my shoulder out, and hopefully reduce the chance of long periods of pain in the future.

    These are just some of the things I'm happy about right now.... What about you?

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