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    The Personal Cost

    Guilt and self care

    This weekend, I've barely spent any time at my desk, and I have to be honest, I have felt a little guilty about it. I've retweeted a few links to articles, and of course, the link to the petition to repeal the new porn legislation, but apart from that, I've been staying away from reading or writing too much. I feel like I should be using all the energy I have to make my voice heard, to raise awareness, to fight.

    But the truth is, I have used all the energy I have to do that. By Friday evening I had no energy left. Friends who sent me messages telling me how they thought the new legislaiton was wrong recieved replies simply stating "I do not have the energy left in me to talk about this right now, but your support is appreciated".

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    New Legislation

    I was looking forward to writing a nice blog about last week's location shoot, and sharing lots of photos with you all.  And I am going to do that, but I feel that I need to blog about what has happened since I got home first.

    For anyone who doesn't know, on the first of December, new legislation came into place which makes films of a whole list of consensual bdsm and sexual activities illegal to produce.

    You can read a summary of what is and isn't allowed now here

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