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    The Experiment

    I know I've never really blogged about sex toys here, not in detail anyway, but I do read a lot of sex toy review sites, and over the past year especially, I've learnt a lot about the sort of sex toys that are good, and the kind of sex toys which are bad. 

    When I started out buying sex toys, I have to admit, I bought a lot of the cheap, jelly type dildos.  You know, the type that has an overpowering smell when you open the packaging, and leaves greasy stains on any paper of fabric you leave it on for too long?  And I (as many others) thought that was normal.  Until I had an experience with a dildo that left me thinking that something was definitely not right.

    The dildo in question was a big, black, double ended dildo.  Very soft and flexible.  And I was enjoying myself with it quite a bit, until I realised something didn't feel quite right.  Very quickly "not quite right" turned into "OMG, it burns, it burns", and me sitting in the shower, with the shower head aimed at my cunt, trying to wash off whatever was irritating me, and cool down the area at the same time. That was the point where I decided that maybe I needed to pay more attention to what I put in my cunt, but I didn't really know a lot about what toys would be better.

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