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    Cane In The Cupboard

    This is my third attempt to sit down and write this blog post, hopefully I'll manage to finish it and get it posted this time!  

    The Cane In The Cupboard was definitely one of my favourite movies to shoot, both because the scenario was pretty hot, and because we had such a fun time behind the scenes!  It's also based on a true story, which in my opinion makes it even hotter.  Molly plays a probation officer who is trying to get control over a wayward young lady.  She makes a threat that she believes will be enough to scare me into compliance, but isn't expecting me to call her bluff.

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    I've fallen into the trap before - looking at a picture on fetlife, showing a welted and bloody bottom after a hard caning and thinking "wow, that's impressive, I wish I could do that".  It's an easy trap to fall into, but why?

    Why is that severe caning better, more impressive, something to strive for?

    I've done a few scenes that could be described as severe, or extreme - a judicial caning, or breast suspension come into that category - and I know that is it not the sort of scene I want to do on a regular basis.  They are definitely scenes I enjoy, but I have no desire to do them on a regular basis.  Doing a caning that leaves me bleeding a little once a year is plenty for me, and I honestly don't imagine I'll do another breast suspension scene again ever.    And I know when I've done those sort of scenes, and when I do them again in the future, they will push me to the limits of my tolerance, and beyond.  That I will always walk away from those scenes knowing I've challenged myself, learned a little about myself, that I've not taken the easy way out, or had an easy time of it.

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    Spanked to submission

    Yesterday was a very busy day, not only was it launch day for my World, but it was a day I got to spend with The Boss. It was great to see him, and spend some quality time together.  We were both incredibly busy over the summer, so didn't see each other much at all, and when we did see each other, it wasn't for long!

    But last week was my birthday, and I wasn't going to let The Boss go home without gettting a birthday spanking and caning, but the scene we ended up playing was nothing like the scene either of us expected, I don't think!

    We started out with me going over The Boss' knee for 31 hand spanks, which were lovely.  And when asked what I would like to do next, it didn't take me much to decide that I would like to stay over the knee for more spanking. It was wonderful being over The Boss' knee, being able to entirely let go and relax, to sink into the sensations.  As the spanks got harder and harder, I started giggling, but before long, the giggling stopped.  I waved to The Boss, and let him know that if he continued, I would likely start crying.

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