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    Camming 101

    I’ve had a fair amount of people contacting me recently, asking about how to get started in camming, so I thought that I would create a quick introduction, that should hopefully answer a few of the questions that people have before getting into the industry.

    Who can be a webcam performer?
    It’s all skinny, blonde playboy type models, right? Not at all. There are successful cam performers of all ages, genders, sizes, shapes, colours, styles, hair lengths, hair colours. No matter what you look like, there will be customers who will love you. What’s more important is your personality, and how you come across. If you engage people, let them feel like they know you, then they are likely to stick around, and keep coming back to see you

    Who visits webcam performers?
    All sorts of people visit webcam performers. There are some who simply do not have the time for a relationship, but enjoy being intimate with someone. There are some who are not able to have some of their more unusual desires met in their current relationship. Some are exhibitionists who enjoy getting people to watch them. Just as there is no “type” for webcam performers, there is no “type” of person who enjoys visiting them.

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