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    Cane In The Cupboard

    This is my third attempt to sit down and write this blog post, hopefully I'll manage to finish it and get it posted this time!  

    The Cane In The Cupboard was definitely one of my favourite movies to shoot, both because the scenario was pretty hot, and because we had such a fun time behind the scenes!  It's also based on a true story, which in my opinion makes it even hotter.  Molly plays a probation officer who is trying to get control over a wayward young lady.  She makes a threat that she believes will be enough to scare me into compliance, but isn't expecting me to call her bluff.

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    Big Location Shoot 2014

    I'm away on holiday for a few days at the moment, and seem to have picked up the cold that the people I'm away with have got.  So rather than going out again today, I'm having a quiet day on the sofa, wtching the food network, drinking tea, and watching the pile of used tissues in the bin grow!  So I thought I'd write a quick blog about what I have coming up in just over a week's time!!

    Last September, Pandora and I did something which seems to be becomming a tradition - we booked a cottage in the middle of nowhere and spent a whole week producing content for Nimue's World, and Dreams of Spanking.  This year our cottage is slightly less isolated, but the plan's the same - a week of shooting new and exciting content, and spending the evenings drinking wine in front of an open fire!!

    The other difference is that we are not going to be spending the whole week shooting content for Nimue's World and Dreams of Spanking.  We're actually spending the majority of the week shooting for our new, top secret project!  We've got some amazing performers coming to join us for that. 

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