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    Cane In The Cupboard

    This is my third attempt to sit down and write this blog post, hopefully I'll manage to finish it and get it posted this time!  

    The Cane In The Cupboard was definitely one of my favourite movies to shoot, both because the scenario was pretty hot, and because we had such a fun time behind the scenes!  It's also based on a true story, which in my opinion makes it even hotter.  Molly plays a probation officer who is trying to get control over a wayward young lady.  She makes a threat that she believes will be enough to scare me into compliance, but isn't expecting me to call her bluff.

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    KOTW - Blood Play

    I love blood play. And it’s difficult to explain why without turning into a puddle!

    I remember the first bit of porn that got me interested in needle play and blood play, and that was an old movie called The Proposal - Part 2. I can still remember the scene now. As viewers, we didn’t see the needles going on, the clip started with Claire Adams (known on Insex as AZ) in place, needles piercing her all over, each needle pulled out and attached to a fibreglass rod. It was extreme predicament bondage and I was entranced.

    But it wasn’t the predicament that really got me hooked, it was the “after” images. AZ covered in blood, as it ran down from each needle site. It was then I realised that might have a bit of a “thing” for blood.

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    My Body Is Powerful

    Despite my love of humiliation play based around my size, I do get insecure about the way I look from time to time. My body is bigger than I’d like, and it doesn’t always allow me to do the things I want, or to do those things for as long as I’d like. There’s times I look at my body and just see soft, squishy fat.

    But other people don’t see me that way. And that has come as something as a shock!

    On both of the sites that I cam on, I’m listed as a BBW (and have occasional comments that I’m “too skinny” to be in that category), but on one site in particular, I’m beginning to pick up a following of people with a fetish that I’d never considered myself as filling before. I have an increasing audience of muscle fetishists.

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    Have You Seen it Yet?

    I’ve been trying to avoid this topic, on the whole. Yes, it’s That Film, based on That Book. 50 Shades of Grey.

    And there is one main reason that I’ve not talked about my opinion on the film. And that is that I really don’t have much of an opinion. But it seems that to some people, that’s not an acceptable answer, so I’m writing this as my answer to them.

    No, I’ve not seen the film. No, I don’t plan on seeing the film. I’ve read the books (well, the first book and half of the second), and I didn’t enjoy them. Based on that, and the fact that I don’t enjoy romance films, I have no interest in seeing the film. I am not actively boycotting the film because of it’s themes, but equally the fact that it has spanking and kink in it doesn’t mean that as a kinkster I have to go and see the film.

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