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    The Experiment

    I know I've never really blogged about sex toys here, not in detail anyway, but I do read a lot of sex toy review sites, and over the past year especially, I've learnt a lot about the sort of sex toys that are good, and the kind of sex toys which are bad. 

    When I started out buying sex toys, I have to admit, I bought a lot of the cheap, jelly type dildos.  You know, the type that has an overpowering smell when you open the packaging, and leaves greasy stains on any paper of fabric you leave it on for too long?  And I (as many others) thought that was normal.  Until I had an experience with a dildo that left me thinking that something was definitely not right.

    The dildo in question was a big, black, double ended dildo.  Very soft and flexible.  And I was enjoying myself with it quite a bit, until I realised something didn't feel quite right.  Very quickly "not quite right" turned into "OMG, it burns, it burns", and me sitting in the shower, with the shower head aimed at my cunt, trying to wash off whatever was irritating me, and cool down the area at the same time. That was the point where I decided that maybe I needed to pay more attention to what I put in my cunt, but I didn't really know a lot about what toys would be better.

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    KOTW - Crying

    When I started doing BDSM, it was very rare that I played a scene that didn't leave me crying, it was just how every scene was expected to go.  Now, I cry more rarely, and when I do, it's because I've chosen to.

    When I was younger, engaging in BDSM, I was bottling up a lot of emotions, and crying in a scene was a safe way to let it all out.  It wasn't always tears of pain or fear though.  I remember my first ever suspension, it was amazing, and I was blissed out the entire time.  But as the ropes started to come off, as I started to come back to reality, that was when the tears started.  They were tears of joy - of having achieved something that I'd dreamed of doing for a long time, and tears of sorrow - of having the ropes I was wrapped in removed, knowing that this experience was over.

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    Help Us Fight

    It's now been two months since legislation came in which makes most of what I do illegal, and there's currently no sign that it is going to change in the near future.  The other thing that's not changed is my decision to fight.  To not allow the government to censor the work I do, the work I believe to be incredibly important.  I will continue to produce the same kinky content as I always have.

    But fighting isn't going to be easy, and could potentially end with myself, and other UK fetish producers ending up in court.  If that happens, we will need on the support of Backlash, who are fighting against the new legislation, as well as doing amazing work defending freedom of sexual expression.  However, Backlash require donations to be able to maintain a legal fund to help those in need.

    With that in mind, Pandora came up with an idea, which both raises money for Backlash, and says a big "fuck you" to the legislation at the same time.  We decided to both put our bottoms up on the line, and do what we do best - make a film where we each recieve a hard cane stroke for each £10 raised, as well as offering other perks to those who donate.

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