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    KOTW - Piercing

    Posted at 16:35 on 4 Nov 2014 by Nimue Allen

    Tags: kotw, needle play, Nimue Allen, piercing

    It's been a long time since I blogged on a regular basis, and although I have a huge list of things I want to write about, sometimes it's hard to get started again.  So I thought that joining in with Kink of the Week would help me get back in the swing of things.

    This week's Kink of the Week is piercings and being pierced, so it's definitely something I can talk about!

    I love the look of permenant piercings, and have had a lot of them over the past couple of decades.  I've had more ear piercings than I can remember, including a cartlage piercing, I've had my belly button pierced several times, my nose, and my nipples.  And I loved each and every one.  However, with the exception of my current stretched lobe piercings, I've had to retire every piercing I've had.  My body just doesn't seem to like me sticking bits of metal in it and leaving them there.

    My nipple piercings were something that I had been planning for years.  When the time finally arrived when I could get them done, I was so excited.  And I'm not ashamed to admit that i enjoyed getting them pierced.  After the first one was done, the jewellary in place, we had to take a break for a few minutes before the second one could be done - I was giggling so hard there was no way that the 2nd one would have gone in straight if we hadn't waited.  They felt amazing for a few days afterwards, but as they began healing I realised that it was going to be a long time before they could be played with as I liked.  And the longer it went on, the more obvious it became that they were rejecting.  I persevered with them as long as I could, but I had to take them out eventually.

    One the bars were out, my nipples began to heal without too much problem, there was some scar tissue, but it's not very obvioius now.  The biggest downside though is that I lost most of the sensation in my nipples.  Before having them pierced, they were incredibly sensitive.  I could easily orgasm from having them played with.  I have regained some sensitivity in them since retiring the piercings, but they are not even close to being as sensitive as they were before.  Sometimes having them played with is pleasurable, but mostly it's only painful stimulation of them that I'm able to get pleasure from.

    So, much as I miss my permenant piercings, and love the asthetic of them, I've had too many problems to take the risk on trying any more.  That doesn't mean I can't enjoy play piercings though.

    I love play piercing, from both sides of things - the feeling of the needles going through my skin, the adrenaline rush, then the blood trickling down my body after the needles are removed.  Or the focus as I pierce someone else,  slowing my breathing to match theirs, creating designs on their skin, placing needles differently to achieve different sensations.  It's a wonderful feeling when someone trusts me enough to allow me to break their skin.


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