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    Ethical Porn

     Nearly a year ago, Pandora, D, AJ and I met with a journalist, in a London pub, to talk about ethical porn for an article. After a couple of months, I think we had all assumed that the piece would never be published, and forgot all about it. But it has been published today (you can go check it out here)

    I have to admit here that I struggle at times to label my work as ethical, feminist, or queer, even though I know it fits into all of those boxes. So why do I not talk about how the content I make fits into those boxes? Because I never set out to make an ethical, feminist, queer porn site. I simply set out to make porn that I enjoy performing in and watching, with people who also enjoyed performing. And to treat my performers and members well.

    Before I even had any idea how I was going to create a website, I knew a few things. That I would never ask my performers to do something they didn't want to do. That I would collaborate with performers on the scripts for their scenes – get their ideas and give them a chance to explore their desires on camera. That I would treat the people I work with fairly, and look after them on set – I always make sure that performers know they can call a cut at any time, and that they can let me know if something just isn't working for them, and we can change to do something they would enjoy more.

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    KOTW - Piercing

    It's been a long time since I blogged on a regular basis, and although I have a huge list of things I want to write about, sometimes it's hard to get started again.  So I thought that joining in with Kink of the Week would help me get back in the swing of things.

    This week's Kink of the Week is piercings and being pierced, so it's definitely something I can talk about!

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    I've fallen into the trap before - looking at a picture on fetlife, showing a welted and bloody bottom after a hard caning and thinking "wow, that's impressive, I wish I could do that".  It's an easy trap to fall into, but why?

    Why is that severe caning better, more impressive, something to strive for?

    I've done a few scenes that could be described as severe, or extreme - a judicial caning, or breast suspension come into that category - and I know that is it not the sort of scene I want to do on a regular basis.  They are definitely scenes I enjoy, but I have no desire to do them on a regular basis.  Doing a caning that leaves me bleeding a little once a year is plenty for me, and I honestly don't imagine I'll do another breast suspension scene again ever.    And I know when I've done those sort of scenes, and when I do them again in the future, they will push me to the limits of my tolerance, and beyond.  That I will always walk away from those scenes knowing I've challenged myself, learned a little about myself, that I've not taken the easy way out, or had an easy time of it.

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    Big Location Shoot 2014

    I'm away on holiday for a few days at the moment, and seem to have picked up the cold that the people I'm away with have got.  So rather than going out again today, I'm having a quiet day on the sofa, wtching the food network, drinking tea, and watching the pile of used tissues in the bin grow!  So I thought I'd write a quick blog about what I have coming up in just over a week's time!!

    Last September, Pandora and I did something which seems to be becomming a tradition - we booked a cottage in the middle of nowhere and spent a whole week producing content for Nimue's World, and Dreams of Spanking.  This year our cottage is slightly less isolated, but the plan's the same - a week of shooting new and exciting content, and spending the evenings drinking wine in front of an open fire!!

    The other difference is that we are not going to be spending the whole week shooting content for Nimue's World and Dreams of Spanking.  We're actually spending the majority of the week shooting for our new, top secret project!  We've got some amazing performers coming to join us for that. 

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    Why Pain

    It's a question which comes up fairly regularly when talking with non-kinky folk. "Why do you like being hurt?", "Doesn't that hurt?", "But how can pain be sexy?"

    People can engage in consensual pain play for a lot of reasons, I can't assume to speak for everyone, but I can explain why I do it. Under it all, there are essentially 3 reasons that I engage in pain play, and each reason goes with a different type of play.

    Cos it's horny

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    Headshaving - Before

    When I first started performing in porn, I had two big fantasies, two big things that I knew I would do at some point before I stopped being in front of the camera. Those two things were breast suspension, and headshaving. The first happened some years back now, one of those moments where everything came together and it was just The Right Time (as far as I can remember, I wasn't actually even booked to perform that day, but a last minute model cancellation left me to step in).

    The second was more difficult to do. It would leave a visible sign afterwards, for quite some time. Something that wouldn't be easy to hide, and would potentially raise a lot of questions. I knew that I wouldn't be able to do it until I was sure that I would be able to face those questions, to face the looks of strangers, the judgement from people I knew.

    In the beginning, the fantasy was just that, a fantasy. Something I would think about, something that would happen "sometime", but it was in a far off future that I didn't need to plan for just yet. But over the past couple of years, I began to think about it more seriously. Telling a few people here and there that it was something I was planning on doing. Discussing some possible scenarios, and putting very vague time frames on the idea. "I want to do it in the spring, so that it'll grow back in a bit before winter."

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    Headshaving - During

    I've already written about the whys and the preparation for my headshaving scene here

    The day of the shoot arrived, and I have to admit to being a bit of a mess. I got up early to wash my long hair for the last time, and then did the last bits of packing I needed to do. Once I was packed and sorted, though, my nervous energy had nowhere to go, and I think I spent a little while wondering around the house, looking for things to do. I didn't manage much of this though, before R and Pandora told me to sit down, and eat and drink. They very much helped with this by pressing a bowl of cereal and mug of tea into my hands!

    Not long after that, The Boss arrived, and we all set off to the studio. We had the studio for the whole day for a couple of reasons - one being that I wanted to get some final photosets of my long hair before it was shaved off, and some more photos post shave, and two, we didn't know how long the headshaving was going to take, and what state I was going to be in afterwards, and I didn't want to have to rush. As it turned out, planning on shooting some photos in the morning was probably the best thing I could have done. It allowed me to do what I know, and focus on something other than what was coming up.

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