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    What's Changed - Part 1

    Posted at 22:20 on 27 Oct 2014 by Nimue Allen

    Tags: bdsm, behind the scenes, Nimue Allen, porn

    On the surface of it, it doesn't really look like all that much has changed on my website, and that's probably true.  Most of the changes have been things that you won't see when you stop by!

    The major change that you can't see is the fact that this website is now, 100%, entirely MINE, ALL MINE! Previously a percentage of the website income went to other people who did promotion, marketing and other things for me.  But it became clear to me about 12 months ago, that the arrangement just wasn't something I was happy with any longer, for a lot of reasons.  So that's when the process of relaunching began.  I now control everything. I will control the horizontal. I will control the vertical.

    The bit of this that I am most excited about is that I now have control over how the site is promoted.  I will no longer have people working with me using offensive words to describe myself and the friends I shoot with.  I will no longer have others trying to shove me into a marketing pigeon hole, that I don't necessarily fit into.  I will no longer be working with people who don't share my values.  I can begin expressing how I view the work I do, how I believe it's a wonderful trend to see more and more performers creating their own content, and how I feel that this can benefit the "porn industry" as a whole.

    Up until now, I've always been a little scared of speaking out about my thoughts on porn, maybe subconciously not wanting to rock the boat with the people who I was working with behind the scenes.  The feeling of total freedom now is a little overwhelming - the little voice at the back of my head telling me that I can't speak out about these things is still loud, even though I know I don't need to listen to it.

    Don't worry - I'm not suddenly going to start blogging all deep political stuff.  And I'm still going to be creating the same kinky, twisted movies I've always made, that's definitely not going to change.

    But I am going to enjoy the freedom of having to answer to no-one else.  To finally be able to let everyone in on the thoughts that have always been going through my head, right from when I first imagined having a website all of my own.



    So glad you're in a good place with your website, and with your life in general - it's good to have you back! I will continue to be a member of your site, and a follower of all your work.

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    Thank you

    Thank you Jim! It's taken me a while to get back to this position, but it's definitely been worth the effort, and I look forward to my site growing, and having new ways of expressing myself in the future!
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