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    Spanked to submission

    Posted at 21:59 on 22 Oct 2014 by Nimue Allen

    Tags: caning, nimue, spanking

    Yesterday was a very busy day, not only was it launch day for my World, but it was a day I got to spend with The Boss. It was great to see him, and spend some quality time together.  We were both incredibly busy over the summer, so didn't see each other much at all, and when we did see each other, it wasn't for long!

    But last week was my birthday, and I wasn't going to let The Boss go home without gettting a birthday spanking and caning, but the scene we ended up playing was nothing like the scene either of us expected, I don't think!

    We started out with me going over The Boss' knee for 31 hand spanks, which were lovely.  And when asked what I would like to do next, it didn't take me much to decide that I would like to stay over the knee for more spanking. It was wonderful being over The Boss' knee, being able to entirely let go and relax, to sink into the sensations.  As the spanks got harder and harder, I started giggling, but before long, the giggling stopped.  I waved to The Boss, and let him know that if he continued, I would likely start crying.

    He started ramping up the intensity, pushing me enough to get me sobbing.  It wasn't the pain causing me to cry.  I had been pretty stressed out over the past week or so, getting my World ready for launch, and knowing that The Boss cared about me enough to give me a safe space, where I felt cared for, where I could release the stress which had been building in me, was overwhelming.  After I'd been crying for a few minutes, The Boss stopped the spanking. Rubbing my sore bottom and thighs, he told me how much it pleased him to be able to make me cry.

    It was that moment, I think, when my head went to a place it rarely goes, a place of pure surrender and submission.  When asked what I wanted next, I could only reply "I leave that in your hands, Boss".  I wanted to give up control totally.  To allow him to push me as far as he wanted.  And he did.  The spanking continued, beginning to get painful now, leaving me sobbing into a pillow and kicking my feet.  But it never occured to me to say stop.  Finally he did stop though, and sent me for corner time, so that he could admire his handywork. 

    But our playtime wasn't over.  I'd recieved my 31 hand spanks, but I still had to take 32 strokes of the cane.  The Boss placed me over the arm of the sofa and it started.  He used a thin whippy cane for the first 6 strokes, moving onto something heavier for the remaining strokes.  And they hurt.  And I cried..  And I soaked up each stroke.  And I hated it and wanted it to never stop.

    And afterwards, curled up in his arms as he told me how pleased he was with me, how I was a good girl, how I had done well, I felt at peace and totally calm.


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