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    Today's The Day

    Today is the day that I've been waiting for for over a year now.  The day that my website is back up and running, and 100% owned by me.  There's a long story behind the change, but today is not the day for that.  Today is the day for celebrations!

    I have The Boss here with me today, and he's helping the celebrations, as well as providing snuggles last night to help me keep calm, and be able to sleep.  I'm hoping that some time later today, he'll also provide my belated birthday spanking and caning (finally wrapping up my birthday celebrations, which have stretched over 10 days so far), and that he'll add some "well done" strokes to the caning as well!

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    Spanked to submission

    Yesterday was a very busy day, not only was it launch day for my World, but it was a day I got to spend with The Boss. It was great to see him, and spend some quality time together.  We were both incredibly busy over the summer, so didn't see each other much at all, and when we did see each other, it wasn't for long!

    But last week was my birthday, and I wasn't going to let The Boss go home without gettting a birthday spanking and caning, but the scene we ended up playing was nothing like the scene either of us expected, I don't think!

    We started out with me going over The Boss' knee for 31 hand spanks, which were lovely.  And when asked what I would like to do next, it didn't take me much to decide that I would like to stay over the knee for more spanking. It was wonderful being over The Boss' knee, being able to entirely let go and relax, to sink into the sensations.  As the spanks got harder and harder, I started giggling, but before long, the giggling stopped.  I waved to The Boss, and let him know that if he continued, I would likely start crying.

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    What's Changed - Part 1

    On the surface of it, it doesn't really look like all that much has changed on my website, and that's probably true.  Most of the changes have been things that you won't see when you stop by!

    The major change that you can't see is the fact that this website is now, 100%, entirely MINE, ALL MINE! Previously a percentage of the website income went to other people who did promotion, marketing and other things for me.  But it became clear to me about 12 months ago, that the arrangement just wasn't something I was happy with any longer, for a lot of reasons.  So that's when the process of relaunching began.  I now control everything. I will control the horizontal. I will control the vertical.

    The bit of this that I am most excited about is that I now have control over how the site is promoted.  I will no longer have people working with me using offensive words to describe myself and the friends I shoot with.  I will no longer have others trying to shove me into a marketing pigeon hole, that I don't necessarily fit into.  I will no longer be working with people who don't share my values.  I can begin expressing how I view the work I do, how I believe it's a wonderful trend to see more and more performers creating their own content, and how I feel that this can benefit the "porn industry" as a whole.

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    One of the most recent video updates on Dreams of Spanking is Aftercare Spanking, with myself and David Weston.  It's a scene I loved shooting at the time (David has both a delightful bottom, and a wonderful personality), but it's only since it was published that I realise that the story behind it is one I particularly enjoy, and which plays to possibly my ultimate BDSM interest - facilitating other's enjoyment.

    In this scene, I play David's girlfriend, who's waiting at home for him to come back after his first ever caning. I rub lotion into his welted bottom, enjoying hearing his thoughts about his experience, before giving him a playful spanking which leaves him giggling and pushing his bottom up to meet each spank.

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    What's Changed - Part 2

    I've talked about how things have changed behind the scenes on here, but there are a few changes to the site which effect you - the people visiting!

    • Anyone can sign up for a free site membership, which allows you to join in the discussions on the forum, and comment on my blog. This is the only login information you'll ever need on my site - it's yours forever, and can easily be upgraded to a full membership which gives you access to all my content and camshows. You can sign up for your account , then come back and join in
    • Non-members can now visit the page of any scene on this site, to view the scene description and previews. You can have a good look around, and see what I have to offer. No more wondering if have a photoset of me showing off my school uniform (I do, here), you can see exactly what I have to offer!

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