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    New People!

    Posted at 18:38 on 17 Sep 2013 by Nimue Allen

    I love shooting for my site - a chance to play out fantasies with some of my favourite people in front of a camera - but it doesn't offer me an opportunity to meet new people like shooting for others does. And #biglocationshoot2013 definitely offered me the chance to meet new people!

    The first of these new people was Dreams Of Spanking's new photographer who arrived on Sunday night, in time for dinner - a very interesting guy to chat with, and a wonderful photographer. The second new person arrived Monday morning, in the form of that days model - the gorgeous Lola-Marie. I had seen Lola-Marie's work in various places around the web and was really looking forward to meeting her.

    Lola-Marie in knee socks

    Not only is Lola utterly gorgeous, she's also an incredibly talented actor. Pandora had written some very interesting scenes for Lola, and she acted them just brilliantly. We started the morning with an otk spanking scene with Lola spanked by Tom for not getting out of bed. A simple story line, but it proved that Lola can take a good spanking!

    The next scene had Lola playing a schoolgirl with a crush on a teacher. She and Pandora hatched a plan to get her closer to her crush - setting it up so she had to take a punishment spanking from him.


    Next was my favourite video of the day. Lola played a biker girl who'd had a few drinks and then come off her bike on the way home. Tom was her friend who'd brought his van out to pick her and bike up, and was very annoyed when he found out why she'd come off the bike.


    The thing I really loved about this scene was that it was entirely platonic - their characters were just friends, with no sexual undertones. That's something that you don't see often in spanking movies. The banter was wonderful, and Lola played the tough biker girl brilliantly.

    The final two scenes we shot that day were a scene where Lola plays a neglected girlfriend, who figures out a way to get Pandora to spank her, and a beautiful Victorian scene where Lola plays the scholarship girl who's earned herself a tawsing.

    IMG_0441 IMG_0492

    It was a great day shooting with Lola, and I definitely hope to work with her again in the future!!


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