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    More Pr0ns!

    Posted at 21:58 on 11 Sep 2013 by Nimue Allen

    Every time I sit down to blog, I make myself a promise that I'm not just going to talk about the thing's I've shot and use this blog for self promotion. And then I don't blog cos I can't think of anything else that I want to say.

    So, I'll do you a quick update - life is still good, but complicated and stressful.

    But this week is a good week. This week is the week of #biglocationshoot2013 !!!

    This week I am spending in a cottage in the middle of nowhere with Pandora Blake and Thomas Cameron and various Dreams of Spanking cast and crew. And it's wonderful! We arrived on Sunday and spent Monday shooting the ever-so-gorgeous and talented Lola Marie for Dreams of Spanking.

    We have then spent the past two days shooting for Nimue's World. And boy, have we packed it in!!

    Yesterday morning was spent shooting stills - mainly nudes in the garden and indoors.

    124 147

    444 480 Then we shot a very heavy spanking scene which left me looking like this :


    Then (and I think this might have been Pandora's favourite part of the day) we oiled Tom up and went out to shoot in the woodshed!!

    598 685

    Our final photoset of yesterday was this delicious objectification scene where dinner was served off me!

    809 968

    Yesterday afternoon and most of today have been spent shooting videos, which I unfortunately can't share any teasers from until I get home, but we did do one photoset with Pandora in front of the camera, and Tom behind it (all the above pics from yesterday were shot by her)

    044 049

    We've got 3 more days of shooting ahead of us for Dreams of Spanking now, including two gorgeous new male switches! I'm really looking forward to it, though I think we all might need a day or two off after we're done to recover!!


    mark mitchell-doyle
    Wow say no more

    Thank you for the opportunity to take so many photos - I really enjoyed being behind the camera, and got to see some awesomely hot scenes! Loved the videos we did together, too. I can't wait to see the results :)

    It was wonderful having you behind the camera, am really enjoying going through the images you shot, and it's always wonderful to be in front of the camera with you!! Am going to try and post some screenshots of the videos early next week, as soon as tech and sessions allow!
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