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    Lady Godiva and Michael Darling

    Posted at 22:03 on 26 Sep 2013 by Nimue Allen

    Life is settling back into normal routines here now, and I've nearly caught up with all my laundry from the location shoot and my sessions immediately after! But even though I still have a pile of white knickers that need washing, the products of our time in the cottage are already being published!

    I was trying to do a day-by-day breakdown of what we shot, and things seem to have come together perfectly for that, because Pandora has just published the film that we shot that morning, while waiting for the lovely Michael Darling to arrive.... (Michael was helping out after the model who had been booked fror that day was in a car accident on his way to us - we didn't know about that until the day after we shot with Michael, at the time all we knew was that he hadn't arrived)

    It wasn't the first thing we shot that day, but I'll come back to the things we did first in a moment.... now I want to share some images from Lady Godiva, a fun F/F spanking movie where I play a young lady who has joined the Pony Club, and brought some ideas with me that the more..... ahem.... traditional members don't approve of.

    Dreams-of-Spanking_big-location-shoot2013_godiva1 Dreams-of-Spanking_big-location-shoot2013_godiva3

    After a telling off, I'm bent over the table for a dose of the riding crop as a rather fitting punishment. You can go and check out the movie right now on Dreams of Spanking!

    But that wasn't the only thing we shot before Michael arrived.... No, we shot plenty that morning, so I'm just going to give you a quick taster

    Dreams-of-Spanking_big-location-shoot2013_parlour1 Dreams-of-Spanking_big-location-shoot2013_tart5

    Yes, that's two gorgeous photosets of Pandora, and we also shot one other video before Michael arrived - Pandora's first on camera masturbation scene.


    I felt honoured that Pandora asked me to film this scene for her, and I really hope that she's pleased with the results!!

    Once Michael had arrived, we shot several more scenes (I think this was possibly our most productive day of the whole week) First up was a fairly traditional schoolboy scene, where Michael was spanked by his guardians for bringing home a poor school report

    Dreams-of-Spanking_big-location-shoot2013_report3 Dreams-of-Spanking_big-location-shoot2013_report4

    The next scene was one of Michael's ideas - he played a chauvanistic gallery owner who was targetted for punishment by a feminist group as he only displayed work from male artists. It was a wonderful scene for so many reasons - getting to be the "muscle" to Pandora's "brains", getting to spank and paddle Michael's wonderful bottom, and, I enjoyed the political message behind it..... As Pandora put it on her blog - "Only a true supporter of gender equality would be willing to sacrifice his bottom for the sake of smashing patriarchy!"

    Dreams-of-Spanking_big-location-shoot2013_galleristas1 Dreams-of-Spanking_big-location-shoot2013_galleristas5

    Then we moved onto a scene, called The Stable Boy, which had been suggested to Pandora by a big fan of Michael's. This scene was stunning, Michael, Pandora and Tom all looked gorgeous in their period costumes, and the location suited the story perfectly!

    Dreams-of-Spanking_big-location-shoot2013_stableboy2 Dreams-of-Spanking_big-location-shoot2013_stableboy5

    Finally, Michael's last bottoming scene of the day.... We had been soaking birches overnight as one of the scenes that had been planned with Phil involved them. Michael had never recieved a birching before, and wasn't sure if he would be able to manage it, so a scene was scripted off the cuff which allowed him to choose between it and the cane....

    Dreams-of-Spanking_big-location-shoot2013_headmaster1 Dreams-of-Spanking_big-location-shoot2013_headmaster2

    Then, as so often seems to happen on these shoots we were all still feeling energetic so we did one last photoset - which was based on the first spanking story Pandora ever read. I think the photos kinda speak for themselves in this one!



    So, that was day 4 of the big location shoot, and the 2nd day for Dreams of Spanking!


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