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    More Pr0ns!

    Every time I sit down to blog, I make myself a promise that I'm not just going to talk about the thing's I've shot and use this blog for self promotion. And then I don't blog cos I can't think of anything else that I want to say.

    So, I'll do you a quick update - life is still good, but complicated and stressful.

    But this week is a good week. This week is the week of #biglocationshoot2013 !!!

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    New People!

    I love shooting for my site - a chance to play out fantasies with some of my favourite people in front of a camera - but it doesn't offer me an opportunity to meet new people like shooting for others does. And #biglocationshoot2013 definitely offered me the chance to meet new people!

    The first of these new people was Dreams Of Spanking's new photographer who arrived on Sunday night, in time for dinner - a very interesting guy to chat with, and a wonderful photographer. The second new person arrived Monday morning, in the form of that days model - the gorgeous Lola-Marie. I had seen Lola-Marie's work in various places around the web and was really looking forward to meeting her.

    Lola-Marie in knee socks

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    Lady Godiva and Michael Darling

    Life is settling back into normal routines here now, and I've nearly caught up with all my laundry from the location shoot and my sessions immediately after! But even though I still have a pile of white knickers that need washing, the products of our time in the cottage are already being published!

    I was trying to do a day-by-day breakdown of what we shot, and things seem to have come together perfectly for that, because Pandora has just published the film that we shot that morning, while waiting for the lovely Michael Darling to arrive.... (Michael was helping out after the model who had been booked fror that day was in a car accident on his way to us - we didn't know about that until the day after we shot with Michael, at the time all we knew was that he hadn't arrived)

    It wasn't the first thing we shot that day, but I'll come back to the things we did first in a moment.... now I want to share some images from Lady Godiva, a fun F/F spanking movie where I play a young lady who has joined the Pony Club, and brought some ideas with me that the more..... ahem.... traditional members don't approve of.

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