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    Meeting new people

    Posted at 13:33 on 18 May 2013 by Nimue Allen

    When I started my site, one of the things that I was passionate about (and still am now) is shooting with people that I really enjoy spending time with, and on the whole, would do these things with even if there wasn't a camera on us. Why is that? Because I believe that if the performers are genuinely into each other, the end result is much hotter and more real. Most of the folks on my site are people that I've met and worked with before, and really enjoyed, or people that I play with in my personal life, and we're just sharing that side of ourselves on camera.

    There have been a few exceptions to this though, and I am really, really glad I've made those exceptions. The first exception was Pandora Blake, who responded to my twitter "casting call" for a shoot. I'd been reading her blog for quite some time before we shot together, and had a brilliant time shooting together. Since then we've shot together on a lot of different occasions, as well as just spending time hanging out. She is an amazing person who's determination and drive are really inspiring me in my own work.


    The second exception was Adele Haze, who again responded to a twitter casting call for a shoot. Again, I had followed her blog for several years before we got to shoot together, and am really glad we did. Adele is another lovely lady, who I really want to spend more time with. She's smart, funny and geeky - what's not to love in a person.


    And finally, there was Alex Reynolds, who I shot with a couple of months ago when she was visiting the UK. I was introduced to Alex through Pandora, who had met her when she visited Texas last year. Alex and I exchanged a few emails before she came to the UK, where we got to know each other, but you never know how you're going to actually get on until you meet in person! Of course Alex was lovely, and I loved shooting with her. She has just written her own blog post about the shoot (you can read it here), and reading it back just makes me miss the fun we had shooting!

    alex reynolds bondage

    But.... It looks like I won't have to wait *too* long to see Alex again, as I should be going to the Shadowlane spanking party later this year!

    So on the whole, I think I'll mainly stick to shooting with people I already know for Nimue's World, I think on the occasions I choose to make an exception, its always worth it!!


    I've only met Pandora and Adele in person so far, but from her blog I am sure that Alex must be a wonderful person, too! I loved your video blog with Pandora and Alex. Like you, I am a person who usually prefers to be among people I know a bit better and like, but it can also be great to meet new people from time to time. And with a bit of luck, some of them turn out to be wonderful people with whom one wants to share more time. I am sure that this is true for Pandora, Adele and Alex!
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