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    Meeting new people

    When I started my site, one of the things that I was passionate about (and still am now) is shooting with people that I really enjoy spending time with, and on the whole, would do these things with even if there wasn't a camera on us. Why is that? Because I believe that if the performers are genuinely into each other, the end result is much hotter and more real. Most of the folks on my site are people that I've met and worked with before, and really enjoyed, or people that I play with in my personal life, and we're just sharing that side of ourselves on camera.

    There have been a few exceptions to this though, and I am really, really glad I've made those exceptions. The first exception was Pandora Blake, who responded to my twitter "casting call" for a shoot. I'd been reading her blog for quite some time before we shot together, and had a brilliant time shooting together. Since then we've shot together on a lot of different occasions, as well as just spending time hanging out. She is an amazing person who's determination and drive are really inspiring me in my own work.


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    I have confidence....

    Sometimes..... Sometimes I am severely lacking in confidence though. When I'm performing, I'm full of confidence. When I'm on a shoot, either side of the camera, I'm full of confidence, I know what I want to achieve and how I'm going to do it.

    But when I get home, when I'm sat in the office, just me and my pc and my editing softwear, my confidence starts to fade. And by the time I have a finished movie, edited and rendering I'm not quite sure if what I've done is right.

    Why am I talking about this? Because yesterday was the Zeroth British Fetish Film Festival, that is a "dry run" of the festival which is happening later this year, just for producers. I received an email earlier this year asking for submissions, and I really did honestly want to submit one of my films. I'd even picked out the film I wanted to submit. But when it came down to it, I chickened out.

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