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    Posted at 18:22 on 19 Apr 2013 by Nimue Allen

    I keep sitting down to write here, and I'll get most of the way through writing a post, before I decide that it's too personal, and I don't feel ready to share it with the world. I'm not quite sure what happened to make me want to retreat into my own private world again for a while. I've always been an exhibitionist, and loved sharing what was going on in my life with you, but right now, I just don't feel that I can.

    My life is carrying on as always, working, spending family time with The Boss and The Crazy Lady, not seeing much of R this month after almost living with her for the past couple of months. There are things I want to blog about, exciting adventures I'm having, things I'm learning about myself, but I just can't seem to face sending the words out there into the public.

    I don't want this blog to become a boring "here's more porn I made, and here's information on how to cam/text/phone with me" self promotional blog, but I'm not sure how to avoid it while I still have this wall up about sharing personal, non-work things. Strangely, I'm finding it easier to capture personal play on camera to share on my website than I ever have before, so the exhibitionism is still there, if not getting stronger.

    I want to be able to tell you all about the wonderful spankings I've recieved, the things The Boss and I are trying out together, and how our relationship seems to be developing. I want to tell you all about the random crazy things R and I get up to and talk about.

    But right now, I'll just settle for telling you that I WANT to tell you those things, and I am trying to figure out a way to start telling you those things again.


    I cross my fingers that you will soon find a way to write about the things you want to share. But please don't force yourself to write about anything you don't feel comfortable sharing (right now).

    I hate it when my gut feeling and my rational aims don't fit together, but I had to learn that acting against my gut feeling usually isn't a good idea and that my gut feeling usually gives me some important information about what I need. So maybe giving yourself some time to retreat into your own private world isn't such a bad idea after all and maybe it will be much easier to write about all the things you would like to share afterwards?

    Whatever you decide to do, I look forward to reading about your adventures if and when you feel ready to share them! :-)
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