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    School Bully

    Posted at 22:29 on 14 Apr 2013 by Nimue Allen

    I started my school bully series back in the summer when I shot with the gorgeous Fae Corbin, and when I got to shoot with Alex Reynolds last month, it seemed like a good time to shoot part 2. Alex had told me that she loves being dragged and pulled around, and having her clothes ripped off her, and my bitch school bully character seemed ideal to do that to her!

    I had such a good time filming this one, with the talented Pandora Blake behind the camera. Alex makes the most adorable noises when she's spanked, and her enjoyment is infectious! I just wish we could have shot much, much more!!


    Wow, um, that's really hot. Is it bad to enjoy a video of oneself this much? 0_0
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