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    Part of the problem....

    Posted at 12:47 on 26 Apr 2013 by Nimue Allen

    With sharing my thoughts via my blog at the moment, I think, is because I feel rediculously happy most of the time. And since Saturday morning, that's been even more so. I feel like I'm on a total high on life right now, and somehow writing about it doesn't seem quite right. Part of me thinks that writing about it will spoil it, cause it all to come crashing down around me. And the other part doesn't want a record of it to read back over if it does come crashing down. Don't want to rub later me's face in the happiness that is current me, if that makes any sort of sense?

    But I'm going to write, and screw it!

    So why did things start picking up even more Saturday morning? Well, I won tickets to see Frank Turner doing a live set at the Kerrang Radio studio on Wednesday. And even better, R was able to get the day off to join me (last time I went to see him live, she was unable to make it at the last moment, and I felt awful about it). Then The Boss and I headed to Birmingham Saturday afternoon to meet up with R and Kitty so we could all go out to a club Saturday night. We had A LOT of fun, but I need to check in with everyone else before I can share the intimate details of that!!

    Sunday morning was lots of snuggles in R's brand new super-king sized bed, before we headed out to BBB where I caught up with friends and bought myself a new toy.

    Since then I've been spending some wonderful quality time with R, and The Boss and generally feeling quite smug and satisfied with my life! The only thing I'm still struggling with is the feeling of living my life split between two places. I have The Boss in Derbyshire, and R in Birmingham. Though one benefit of that is that when I am with one, I can be focussed on them and making the most of our time together.

    Right now I need to get on with today's movie update (starring the wonderful Pandora Blake and Alex Reynolds) and then get my bum (and the rest of me) on cam!


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