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    3 Cheeky Girls

    Posted at 14:16 on 9 Apr 2013 by Nimue Allen

    Last summer, the lovely Paul from Northern Spanking asked me if I would like to be a top on their big summer shoot, telling me that he had a couple of fun new girls to work with. Of course, I said yes, and when I found out who the fun new girls were, I was very glad I did, because the new girls were none other than the crazy Masie Dee, and the sweet Satine Sparks (who uses the name Sally Sparks for her spanking work).

    The very first thing we shot that day is now going up on the site, and I am remembering how much fun we all had with it! Masie and Sally were joined by Jenna Jay as party organisers, with me as their regional manager, who's unimpressed by their sales figures.

    The Area Manager for Bernie Winters adult parties has called three of her sales reps together to discuss why they are not meeting their sales targets on the sexy items the company are famed for selling. Nimue teaches the girls a few new sales techniques to wow their customer base.
    Masie Dee spanked

    I have to admit that I was a little scared when I saw this movie on the call sheet. I've never done a scene with 2 bottoms, let alone 3 very talented and somewhat cheeky bottoms! Fortunately they didn't give me too hard a time! Spanking each in turn was fun, and poor Masie had to watch me spanking both Jenna and Sally before her time came around - aparrantly she was getting a little nervous as she saw me spanking the other two double handed!

    Satine Spark spanked


    I'm pleased you like the outcome. There's a comedy classic moment in this film: watch Masie's face and reaction as Jenna stops doing... well... what she was told to do to Masie. This joint shoot worked out so well, I hope we can do another one soon.

    I've just watched the moment you mean and Masie's reaction is brilliant! Would love to work together on another joint shoot soon!!!
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