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    3 Cheeky Girls

    Last summer, the lovely Paul from Northern Spanking asked me if I would like to be a top on their big summer shoot, telling me that he had a couple of fun new girls to work with. Of course, I said yes, and when I found out who the fun new girls were, I was very glad I did, because the new girls were none other than the crazy Masie Dee, and the sweet Satine Sparks (who uses the name Sally Sparks for her spanking work).

    The very first thing we shot that day is now going up on the site, and I am remembering how much fun we all had with it! Masie and Sally were joined by Jenna Jay as party organisers, with me as their regional manager, who's unimpressed by their sales figures.

    The Area Manager for Bernie Winters adult parties has called three of her sales reps together to discuss why they are not meeting their sales targets on the sexy items the company are famed for selling. Nimue teaches the girls a few new sales techniques to wow their customer base.
    Masie Dee spanked

    I have to admit that I was a little scared when I saw this movie on the call sheet. I've never done a scene with 2 bottoms, let alone 3 very talented and somewhat cheeky bottoms! Fortunately they didn't give me too hard a time! Spanking each in turn was fun, and poor Masie had to watch me spanking both Jenna and Sally before her time came around - aparrantly she was getting a little nervous as she saw me spanking the other two double handed!

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    Phone times!

    (before I start, I know, 2 blogs in as many days, what is the world coming to?!)

    One of the things that I've been wanting to do more of for Nimue's World, is shooting off the cuff, spur of the moment things, as I'm in the mood for them. I've been managing to do that a lot more with video, but stills have proved more difficult. My video camera is very good at coping with whatever lighting and locations I throw at it, but my stills camera is a little more picky! If there's not enough or too much light, then it can be very difficult to get decent shots.

    I have been occasionally coming back to the problem, but had figured that there wasn't much I could do, and I was going to have to stick to more staged and planned photosets. Until the weekend, that is.

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    School Bully

    I started my school bully series back in the summer when I shot with the gorgeous Fae Corbin, and when I got to shoot with Alex Reynolds last month, it seemed like a good time to shoot part 2. Alex had told me that she loves being dragged and pulled around, and having her clothes ripped off her, and my bitch school bully character seemed ideal to do that to her!

    I had such a good time filming this one, with the talented Pandora Blake behind the camera. Alex makes the most adorable noises when she's spanked, and her enjoyment is infectious! I just wish we could have shot much, much more!!

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    I keep sitting down to write here, and I'll get most of the way through writing a post, before I decide that it's too personal, and I don't feel ready to share it with the world. I'm not quite sure what happened to make me want to retreat into my own private world again for a while. I've always been an exhibitionist, and loved sharing what was going on in my life with you, but right now, I just don't feel that I can.

    My life is carrying on as always, working, spending family time with The Boss and The Crazy Lady, not seeing much of R this month after almost living with her for the past couple of months. There are things I want to blog about, exciting adventures I'm having, things I'm learning about myself, but I just can't seem to face sending the words out there into the public.

    I don't want this blog to become a boring "here's more porn I made, and here's information on how to cam/text/phone with me" self promotional blog, but I'm not sure how to avoid it while I still have this wall up about sharing personal, non-work things. Strangely, I'm finding it easier to capture personal play on camera to share on my website than I ever have before, so the exhibitionism is still there, if not getting stronger.

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    Part of the problem....

    With sharing my thoughts via my blog at the moment, I think, is because I feel rediculously happy most of the time. And since Saturday morning, that's been even more so. I feel like I'm on a total high on life right now, and somehow writing about it doesn't seem quite right. Part of me thinks that writing about it will spoil it, cause it all to come crashing down around me. And the other part doesn't want a record of it to read back over if it does come crashing down. Don't want to rub later me's face in the happiness that is current me, if that makes any sort of sense?

    But I'm going to write, and screw it!

    So why did things start picking up even more Saturday morning? Well, I won tickets to see Frank Turner doing a live set at the Kerrang Radio studio on Wednesday. And even better, R was able to get the day off to join me (last time I went to see him live, she was unable to make it at the last moment, and I felt awful about it). Then The Boss and I headed to Birmingham Saturday afternoon to meet up with R and Kitty so we could all go out to a club Saturday night. We had A LOT of fun, but I need to check in with everyone else before I can share the intimate details of that!!

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