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    Three Spanking Models

    What happens when three spanking models get together at the end of a day's shooting?

    Well, if those three models are myself, Pandora Blake and Alex Reynolds after a day of shooting for Dreams of Spanking, and before a day of shooting for Nimue's World, then what happens is we all end up in our pyjamas, drinking wine, surrounded by cuddly toys, making a video blog!

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    And..... breathe.

    The craziness of the past few months of travelling and working are over for a bit now, and I'm looking forward to spending some time at home, having a good spring clean, catching up on negelcted chores/blogs/work and just generally spending more than 1 night a week in my own bed! I am hoping to move in the next couple of months too, so I want to think about starting to pack, or at least clearing out a load of *stuff* that I no longer need or use, even if the move doesn't happen.

    But for today, I thought I would just update quickly with a brief summery of what I've been up to!

    To summarise, since the beginning of the year I have :

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