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    Unhealthy Obsession

    Posted at 15:37 on 1 Feb 2013 by Nimue Allen

    One of the things I love about shooting spanking porn, is getting to explore different roles, playing new characters and exploring parts of myself through that. I love acting, though can often lack confidence in my abilities, but there are certain things I've shot which I feel really quite proud of.

    One of those things has been recently released on Northern Spanking, called Unhealthy Obsession.

    Janna has been reported to her housemaster by a number of her teachers for lack of concentration and lack of application, due to what they believe is an infatuation with another girl at school. Janna is to face the ultimate sanction. But will it cure her obsession?
    I like the way that this movie slightly twists the "schoolgirl lesbian punished" story. The caning Janna recieves isn't due to her having been caught in an inappropriate situation with another girl, but as a reminder that she needs to focus on her schoolwork, no matter what is going through her head.

    The next part of the movie is still the one of the most intimate feeling scene's I've shot. I play the object of Janna's obsession, and the feelings are mutual. It was wonderful to put myself into the headspace of a shy schoolgirl, who's been having these thoughts and feelings, suddenly presented with an opportunity to act on them. The nerves, slowly pushing things a step further, feeling out the other's mental state - does she want more, does she feel the same, not wanting to overwhelm her. Generally in most scenes I do, it's accepted that one or both have experience, and that's what made this scene stand out in my mind. This wasn't an older, experienced girl corrupting a younger, inexperienced girl. This was two girls in exactly the same place, both exploring something new and forbidden together.

    Janna was wonderful to work with in this scene, playing the obviously nervous girl who suddenly gets something which she had always thought was forbidden to her.

    Also currently being published on Northern Spanking is a photoset of me from quite some years ago - you can tell by the hair colour!

    Nimue has been a very naughty girl. Having been caught bunking off PE, the PE Mistress has slippered Nimues bottom, no more than she deserves. Nimue knows from bitter experience that whenever she is punished at school, which is quite frequently, she receives a thrashing when she gets home.

    Every evening after school, Nimues bottom is inspected for signs of punishment inflicted upon it that day. Should there be any redness or swelling of her buttocks and Nimue gets caned and caned hard.

    Quite why she thinks that hiding in the bathroom will allow her to escape the embarrassing inspection and its painful aftermath is unclear. Perhaps this is why she is so frequently in trouble? Whatever, the bathroom was a seriously bad idea as tonights caning ends up applied to her already tender bottom but in soaking wet knickers.



    Paul Kennedy
    I loved shooting this film. I remember it was the last of the day and it felt so special at the time, it turned out even better than I hoped it would, delightfully erotic with the innocence that is so hard to achieve in a short-format film. Most of the credit for that must go to you and Janna. I am so pleased you like the result so much.
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