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    Unhealthy Obsession

    One of the things I love about shooting spanking porn, is getting to explore different roles, playing new characters and exploring parts of myself through that. I love acting, though can often lack confidence in my abilities, but there are certain things I've shot which I feel really quite proud of.

    One of those things has been recently released on Northern Spanking, called Unhealthy Obsession.

    Janna has been reported to her housemaster by a number of her teachers for lack of concentration and lack of application, due to what they believe is an infatuation with another girl at school. Janna is to face the ultimate sanction. But will it cure her obsession?
    I like the way that this movie slightly twists the "schoolgirl lesbian punished" story. The caning Janna recieves isn't due to her having been caught in an inappropriate situation with another girl, but as a reminder that she needs to focus on her schoolwork, no matter what is going through her head.

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    My Cock

    Sometimes I wonder if there will ever come a day when I stop discovering things about myself. Things seem to have changed a lot for me in the past 2 years, and I'm discovering new things about myself every day still. I guess that being surrounded by, and having the opportunity to work with some totally amazing people helps me to explore things that I didn't think I would ever try, let alone find incredibly sexy. It's also giving me the confidence to share more of my "private" kinks via my website these days.

    There are still things that I am not going to be shooting, mainly because my billing company will not allow me to publish them on my site, but I am making the effort this year to put more time and energy into sharing my kinks, especially the ones which aren't particularly "mainstream", or what I'm best known for. One of the things that I've shot a lot more recently is playing with my strapon!

    I couldn't honestly tell you what it is about wearing my strapon that turns me on so much, but it is an incredibly horny feeling. Especially when I'm able to wear it while otherwise appearing very femme.

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    Stuck for things to say.

    So, I keep feeling that I'm neglecting my blog rather these days, but I just don't quite know how to get back into the habit of posting several times a week like I used to. To be fair, even a regular once a week update schedule would be better than I have been doing recently! But when I'm back and forth between Birmingham and Home so often that I have to write in my diary where I'm going to be sleeping each night otherwise it all gets terribly confusing, it's difficult to do anything on a regular schedule!

    For those of you who don't know, my lovely R moved to Birmingham at the beginning of the year, and I've probably spent nearly half the time since then at her house, making use of her super speedy internet for camming (she gets download speeds of 10mb+, my home connection is currently an oh so NOT speedy 0.25mb - I'm constantly onto my ISP any time I'm at home to get it fixed), and her proximity to the venue I use for sessions, which means I can offer sessions in the morning times now, as well as the afternoons!

    I plan on moving down to Birmingham myself as well as soon as I can, but this is looking like being at least a couple of months away. It's frustrating because I know I could easily get the money to move together in a short time if I could cam, but I can't cam from home until I move to Brum, so I am just trying to make the most of all the time I can at R's! I had forgotten how much I love camming via Adultwork. It's quite different to doing the camshows for my own site, as I get to chat with a much wider range of people, with a much wider range of interests. I've tried a few things for the first time on cam recently and really enjoyed them, so I might be bringing those into my shoots soon as well.

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