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    Reflections on punishment

    I'm slowly beginning to realise that I don't like punishment. I mean, I know you're not meant to like it, that's kinda the point of punishment. What I mean is that the punishment dynamic does very little for me these days, especially if I (or the character I'm playing, in the case of roleplay) am in the wrong and deserving of punishment, and believe so.

    On our big location shoot earlier this year, I had 2 days of shooting with Pandora and Tom. Both fantastic CP tops. I excitedly sat down and planned lots of scripts that tapped into my fantasies, but it wasn't until last week, when I was editing the content, that I realised that out of everything we shot, we only did 1 punishment scene. And even in that scene, the punishment was somewhat unfair, and unjustified.

    Looking back through the history of my site is interesting. I have a lot of spanking scenes, but most are spanking for enjoyment, as a reward or two people enjoying CP for the sake of it. There are also a few punishment scenes, but rarely are these justified punishments. They are tops taking roles where they abuse their power, where they are clearly the ones in the wrong. I love this feeling of abuse of power, and I think it's something which comes through strongly in my spankings scenes, both as a bottom (I'm thinking of "I've Seen You", here especially), and as a top (in the School Bully series).

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    Spanking Sessions with Pandora Blake

    Pandora Blake and I have been working together closely for a long time now on our sites (Nimues World and Dreams of Spanking), and have recently added another string to our joint bow, so to speak. We are now offering double sessions together, both in London and Birmingham.

    Dreams-of-Spanking_aupair034 nimue4

    We're both enthusiastic switches, loving to both give and recieve, so there's many, many possibilities for fun and roleplays. Here's just a short sample of the sort of fun we enjoy getting up to:Dreams-of-Spanking_big-location-shoot2013_galleristas5

    • Double caning - Ever imagined what it would be like to be on the recieving end of the cane from two ladies? One right hander, one left hander? Now you can try it for real, if you think you're brave enough!
    • Spanked at school, spanked at home - You know the rules, if you're summoned to the headmistresses office to recieve the cane, you can expect a hard spanking from Mum when you get home. And don't try to get out of it, the headmistress has already called ahead.
    • Can you handle two sadistic girls ganging up on you together? Two prefects taking advantage of the new student, or maybe your ex and her best friend are out for revenge, either way, you'll not know what's hit you
    • Caught behind the bike shed with your girlfriend, again. Being made to watch your girlfriend being punished, all the while, knowing you're up next.
    • Ring of Fire! One pack of cards, 3 switches, and a lot of kinky fun. Our fates are down to the cards, but all of us will get spanked, and dish out spankings as well!
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