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    A brave choice?

    Posted at 14:44 on 15 Jan 2013 by Nimue Allen

    On my shoot last week, I did something new and controversial. It was exciting and scary, and unlike last time one of my photosets attracted controversy, I knew that this photoset would draw positive and negative comments while I was shooting it. I almost backed out of it on my way to the studio. I knew I was opening myself up for comments, for being told that I was wrong and that I should do things differently, and I have recieved those messages since posting the set.

    So, I hear you ask, what was this wildly out there thing that I took photos of?

    It was this :

    Yup, that's me, unshaved.

    I realised, when I was in the shower the night before my shoot, that I'd not shaved in about a month. Life had gotten in the way, house hunting, Christmas, illness and then catching up on work had left me with out the energy to shave. Then I realised that I'd quite gotten used to it. And that I quite liked the feeling of having hair. I started shaving when I was young, and have continued to keep it shaved since then partially through personal preference, and partially due to the preferences of my partners, and I honestly cannot remember the last time I had left it this long!

    I've never had photos taken of me with hair, and I decided that I was going to leave it for this shoot, so I could see what I look like. It was a lovely moment when I decided, but as soon as I did, I got very nervous. What if people didn't like it? What if I didn't like how I looked?

    It's difficult to put yourself out there, to show every part of yourself off to the public, but that's what I've chosen to do through my site. And over the past few months, I've made the decision to shoot things that I wouldn't have a year ago, because I was too worried about what others would think. But just producing the content that I think people want doesn't give an accurate view of the things I enjoy. And right now, I'm enjoying having a hairy cunt, so I'm going to share that with the world.

    I'm really pleased with how the photos have come out (you can see more here ) and my only regret is actually that I didn't leave it longer - that I didn't have MORE hair!

    So..... Am I only ever going to shoots unshaved in the future? No. Am I only ever going to be shaved from here onwards? No. I like both. Being shaved allows for sensations I can't get with hair in the way, and I can't get that wonderful tugging from someone pulling on my hair unless I have hair there. So I imagine that I'll keep going with both, and enjoy the variety!!


    Great post! I quite agree on liking variety when it comes to the sensations, aesthetics and practicalities of shaved/unshaved. I love the new photos - and love to see you being so confident and forthright about your preferences.

    Remus Crisp
    I like it - it evokes nostalgic memories of the 1970's porn mags I used to find on building sites when I was growing up - and thus is highly erotic, for me anyway. I love vintage-style erotica ! ;-)

    Adult women should have pubic hair. I do not understand the obsession with bald fannies that is prevalent at the moment. Your 'neat and trimmed' look is just fine.

    I like both styles - hair has an untamed and wild feel, whereas shaved has a more deliberate "sexy" feel, although it can sometimes, depending on the woman, look a bit disturbingly young. That's more an issue when the bare pubis isn't offset by generous boobs though...

    If you're doing any messy style shoots, messy pubes always seem to go down well (not that I'm letting my preferences shine through, of course not!), even if they are a bit of a bugger to get clean again!
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