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    Good Stuff - January 2016

    I want to try to blog each month, looking back at the good things that have happened over the previous month. It’s part of my plan to keep focussed on the positive things in my life, without letting the negative stuff and stresses overwhelm me. So, in no particular order, here are my good memories from January 2016:

    • Starting the year with new friends, and having an older friend join us after his party had finished elsewhere. Lots of chatting, and singing, and The Chap and I exchanged a lot of drunken, filthy sexts!
    • Having a catch up chat with Pandora, hearing about her time in Australia, getting some good news, and making plans together. Realising that we have both missed working together over the past year, and that we both look forward to working together more over the next year.
    • Spending time with The Chap during a weekend when I was not at my best. My pain levels were high, and I was rather spaced out on painkillers, but he looked after me, gave me a gentle massage, and when I was stood in the supermarket with no idea what I’d gone in to buy, he remembered my shopping list and made sure we got what we needed. It’s reassuring that even when I’m not at my best, he’s not going to run off.
    • Spending a weekend with Rosie, my mum, and my sister-in-law. There was brunch, followed by cocktails, followed by afternoon tea, followed by cocktails, followed by dinner, followed by cocktails. Lots of fun, lots of girly time.
    • Waking up from a bad dream to find one of my kitties snuggled on my chest, the other snuggled on my legs - they look after their mother.
    • Getting to play Bioshock for the first time since it first came out - it’s just as good as I remember it, and I’m looking forward to playing more!
    • NEW SHOES!!! They’re utterly rediculous, I can’t walk in them, but they’re amazing, I love them, and I love R for convincing me I need them in my life.


    • Managing to avoid getting the cold that everyone else in the polycule seemed to have.
    • Baklava. I’ve eaten more of it this month than I think I’ve eaten over the entire rest of my life. I regret nothing.
    • Submitting two of my films to the British Fetish Film Festival.  I've submitted both Cunt, and What Are You, and I'm interested to see which they choose to show!


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    Camgirl Manual

    I often have sessions on cam where I wonder if the person on the other end of things is actually getting what they want out of the experience.  Whether their silence and vagueness is because they are really getting into what I'm doing, or if they are just too scared to tell me what they want.

    So, I've decided to put together a guide.  A "how to get the best out of your camshow" type thing.  

    Before the show

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    The Top Who Wasn't

    The following is a guest post that I feel honoured to share, but before I do I want to try and explain what this post means to me. You see, it’s a beautiful blog post written for me by The Chap, about a particularly special night we spent together over the holidays. It talks about some amazing, boundary pushing sex we had, and how he felt about it, during and after. And I am feeling a little shy about sharing it.

    I’ve talked a lot on this blog about all the kinky fun I’ve got up to. I’ve talked less about the sex I have, especially recently. This is mainly because the people I’ve been having sex with haven’t wanted me to blog about it, and I totally respect that. But it’s become habit now, and it’s a habit I want to break out of.

    Sex is a big part of my life and my relationships, and I’ve always wanted to share everything I get up to on here, and in my site, so to kick it off, here is the most explicit account of my sex life I’ve published so far!

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    New Year, New Me?

    Last year was a tough year. It started with the knowledge that the project that Pandora and I had poured a lot of ourselves into would have to be postponed for an indefinite amount of time. In November of 2014, we had planned for a launch date in April 2015, and as things stand now, we still have hours of content that we are passionate about, sitting, unedited, on hard drives.

    Knowing that the work I do was suddenly being legislated against made it hard to keep going. Spells of depression, along with the knowledge that everything I’ve worked for these past years could suddenly be pulled out from under me tends to lead to less desire to express myself creatively. Add to that the long, drawn out ending of a relationship which was also something which had inspired me personally, and professionally, and it’s no surprise that my increased isolation has caused my drive to create new content has been at an all time low.

    But I am not allowing myself to dwell on the difficulties of 2015.

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    Memories From A Holiday

    I’ve been seeing the chap for a little while now, and not long ago he took me away for a dirty weekend (well, Monday - Wednesday) in a lovely hotel near Hay-On-Wye. I’ve been trying to blog about it in some sort of chronological order, but so much happened, I think I am just going to share some of my favourite memories.

    • As soon as we’d got to our room, going straight into the (very large) shower, where I ended up on my knees, his cock in my mouth as the water flowed over us both.
    • Giggling at every meal we had in the hotel, as it appeared we were the only guests (we were assured that there was AT LEAST one other guest in the hotel both nights, though we never saw them and the staff still greatly outnumbered guests!)
    • Teasing each other over dinner. My enjoyment of this may have been increased by the fact I had pleasure balls in all evening.
    • Upon returning to the room, being bent over and made to come, before said pleasure balls were abruptly removed and replaced with something far more intimate.
    • Spending a cold, wet, windy day wandering in and out of the bookshops in Hay, buying many, many books, and discovering that none of the shops had in a lot of the books we were particularly looking for
    • Lunch in lovely cafe where there was a very tolerant kitty sleeping in the window
    • Soaking in a huge bath together after our cold day of walking, ending up with us both needing a shower to get clean
    • Drinking wine in bed, talking, opening up to each other.
    • The feeling of him letting go, fucking me as hard and rough as he wanted, as he sunk his teeth into my neck, leaving a large bruise for us to giggle at over breakfast the following morning.
    • Spending a morning in bed napping, and reading the books we had purchased the previous day.
    • Having many, many orgasms, and squirting A LOT.
    • His face as he came on my chest.
    • Travelling home, still able to smell him on me, and knowing he could smell me on him.

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    Happy Things

    It's been a while since I last posted her, mainly because the only times I really feel like blogging are times when I'm stresseed or annoyed, and I figure that people don't really want to read that!

    So in the interests of getting myself blogging again, I thought I'd start with a list of things I have to be happy about!

    • I have a lovely house, in a great location, which has given R and I the space to have a couple of wonderful parties over the past months.
    • My little brother has just married a wonderful woman, who I am delighted to welcome into the family.
    • I have my wonderful R, and though it's less than ideal that she works nights, it means that when I take a break from my desk, I can peek my head into the bedroom, and see her curled up, sleeping with my cats.  This makes me feel very warm and fuzzy inside!
    • I have my gorgeous cat, who sleeps on my chest every night
    • I have recently met a wonderful Chap, who I am very much enjoying spending time with and getting to know better (I will be blogging more about him soon, I hope!!)
    • It's winter, which means lots of excuses to drink mulled wine and mulled cider.
    • I have lovely friends who support me and don't judge me.
    • I finally have regular physiotherapy to sort my shoulder out, and hopefully reduce the chance of long periods of pain in the future.

    These are just some of the things I'm happy about right now.... What about you?

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    KOTW - Anonymous Sex

    My 26th birthday is a night that I doubt I’ll ever forget. It was a seriously intense night from start to finish, even before we’d left the house on our way to the swingers club we visited often. But the real fun started once we arrived.

    We’d been there several times before, knew the people who owned the club, the girls who worked behind the bar, and several of the regulars. But there weren’t usually so many single guys around. But it was to be expected - it was a greedy girls night, and we’d made it known ahead of time that I was going to be there, being greedy.

    The club were very good. They made sure I had bottles of water to keep hydrated, offered me “spotters” to make sure that no one tried to do anything I didn’t want (I didn’t take them up on their offer, my domme and her friend were there to “spot” me). They told me to pick a room and get comfortable, said that word would soon get around as to where I was and people would come and find me.

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    A Close Up

    Way back in November, before ATVOD decided to screw over small fetish producers, Pandora and I embarked on Big Location Shoot 2014. As part of this, we spent a day shooting for Nimue’s World, and as it was just Pandora and I, I took the opportunity to try a few new things, along side the spanking and BDSM fun we usually get up to.


    One of the new things we shot was a selection of body part close ups - the idea being that I would edit them together to give a close up view of my body, from my head to my toes. And I did start editing that.

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    Kink of the Week - Urolagnia

    I wrote this several weeks ago when the Kink of the Week *was* actually Urolagnia, but for some reason, entirely failed to publish it.  So, here it is, very late, but still interesting (I hope!)

    Urolagnia. A fetish which sexual excitement is associated with the sight or thought of urine or urination

    A simple enough concept, but when you really look into it, it covers so many different things.
    Golden showers, desperation, knicker wetting, public pissing. And I have to admit to being a fan of most aspects of piss play, and have incorporated a lot of it into my work, but there’s one I rarely talk about in public.

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    Celebrations Are Called For

    Earlier this year, I spent a week working almost non-stop. I messed up my sleep cycles and generally put too much pressure on myself. Well, it turns out that it was all worthwhile in the end. I've been nominated at the Feminist Porn Awards, for my film The Agency, and I’m so ridiculously excited by this, for so many reasons.

    Firstly, this is the first film I’ve ever submitted to a festival, and I really had absolutely no idea what the judges were looking for! When you know what does well at a festival, it’s easy to tailor your film to that. Without that knowledge, I simply had to edit the film in the way I felt was best, and hoped that the judges would like it as well.

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